In my sincerest of sincere gestures and opinions, I believe Rouge is one of the most untapped entertaining and dynamic character in the Sonic franchise.

I started with just the middle doodle of her looking confusing and as if she’s in mid flight and I loved how it came out so much that I had to keep going. And going. And going! She’s just so infinitely fun to draw and create around that femme fatale/neutrally good personality! I imagine her like a mix between Audrey Hepburn and Catwoman.

But she’s also with a sense of humor and charm that would give her her own personality from those inspirations.

I’m having such a fun time you guys. It’s funny because I initially paid no attention to her and thought her to be a bland character. And she can be. But like I said, she has potential to be so much more.

Rouge is literally a sex icon by design.  And her personality becomes more and more bland with every iteration of Sonic. 

That having been said, I’d love to see her actually fleshed out. 

I agree! I always saw her for what she was growing up with each sonic game that came out. Just another dull oc for Knuckles to clamor over who’s the super hotness and omg neutral neutral neutral only works for her own needs. The latter was the only interesting part of her character but that was getting stripped from her as she joined the G.U.N. army or whatever.

But as I thought into it more and I’ve been doodling her like crazy these past week or so, I just can’t help but feel she can be this really cool and awesome female lead. Certainly more interesting than Amy or Cream. I’m not advocating for a whole game to be made around her (re:Shadow the Hedgehog), but I’d like to see her roles in the games take a turn for the better in developing her as a character rather then for her sex appeal or just to be an empty advancement for the plot.

I dunno. I got crazy ideas going on in my head and they are all probably terrible in an objective sense but it gets me inspired thinking about it!

Personally, I’d love to see every idea you have in store for her.  Your art style is fucking great, super expressive, and all that.  Rouge could easily be the most interesting character in the Sonic series (not saying much comparing her to anybody who isn’t Sally), much more-so than any of the other two-dimensional chicks lying around being comic relief/hero fodder.

And I’m sick of Robotnik being nothing more than a comic foil for Sonic.  How about giving him some better characterization than a mad scientist who is just “always beaten by good guy who runs fast and does nothing else”.

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    Yes these are good thoughts. I like these thoughts. Keep having these thoughts.
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    Yea I agree! It’s just too… well the original material is just not..suited for that kinda of character analysis. I agree...
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    I’ve never been a huge fan of artificial drama types like “raped as a kid” or “hates parents.” So I agree that those...
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